Aug 15, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) against the Detroit Lions at FirstEnergy Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Behind Enemy Lines: Cleveland Browns

Today we check in with our good friends at Factory of Sadness to preview the Cleveland Browns before tonight’s preseason game.

Throughout the season, we’ll check in with our competitors for similar lists.

1. The AFC North seems to be up for grabs with none of the teams really standing out (Ravens have lost too many players, lots of question marks on the Steelers, Bengals look good on paper). Is there a chance the Browns can come out and steal the North?

There is a small chance that the Browns could challenge in the AFC North. The division is more muddled then ever. The Bengals seem to be the class of the division with a uber talented defense and offensive weapons. The Browns D is greatly improved so much of their success will depend on their offensive playmakers. We did a Unit ranking that predicted the Bengals to win with the Browns in second.

2. What changes has Rob Chudzinski made and does he look like he could finally be the long term coach the Browns need?

The biggest change has been the energy he has brought to the team. Chud, a native Ohian and Browns fan, has watched a read and react team for the past decade or so. He, along with OC Norv Turner and DC Ray Horton, have decided that the Browns will be aggressive and dictate to the other teams how the games will go. Chud did great as our OC in the past and because he is so different then our past few coaches the hope is here that he stays around.

3. Is Brandon Weeden going to be the franchise QB? Did Chudzinski not naming a starter mess with his confidence or motivate Weeden to play better?

The goal of not naming him was to motivate him, though many including, Joe Thomas, were aware that he would get the job. The Browns traded out of the 4th and 5th rounds to get more assets for next years draft. They are hedging their bets with Weeden. In Turner’s offense he should put up numbers but will they matter? Lead to wins? How many INTs? The Browns have shown great interest in the dual threat fad so Taj Boyd or Teddy Bridgewater could interest them next year.

4. The Browns were in the bottom third of the league in scoring last season. What are they doing to generate more offense and who is the biggest scoring threat on the team?

The biggest thing the Browns are doing to increase scoring is pushing the ball down field. Last 2 years with Pat Shurmur very few passes traveled more then 10 yards. This should open up the middle for tight ends and slot receivers as well as running lanes for star Trent Richardson. Chud and Turner’s history tells us scoring should increase as the year goes on. The Browns have some young talent for the offense to be deployed.

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