Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) throws a pass against the Chicago Bears during the third quarter at O.Co Coliseum. The Chicago Bears defeated the Oakland Raiders 34-26. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Behind Enemy Lines: Oakland Raiders

Today we check in with our friends over at Golden Gate Sports to preview the Colts season opener against the Oakland Raiders. on Sunday. Editor Eric He had all the answers for us. Click here to see our answers to their questions.

1. What are the expectations from coach Dennis Allen in his second year? Will he be on a hot seat or is the state of the roster enough to give him a pass? This isn’t the Al Davis era anymore and you have to assume that he gets some leeway.
The Raiders have made it clear that Dennis Allen is their guy, and they don’t want to revert back to their old ways when — as you mentioned — Al Davis fired and hired coaches at will. Of course, Allen is at a disadvantage given the Raiders’ poor roster and rebuilding situation, so I believe he will be given a chance to coach through the end of his contract in 2016.
2. What does Terrelle Pryor bring to the field that sets him apart from Matt Flynn? Is he going to be the long term quarterback?
Matt Flynn is your traditional, drop-back-and-pass kind of quarterback, while Pryor is more energetic, exciting, and can make something out of nothing. The downside is that he is very raw, will make poor decisions, and doesn’t have a very accurate arm. It’s hard to say that is the long term option right now, as a report earlier this week mentioned that some in the Raiders’ organization are “skeptical” about Pryor being the starter. But, this roster is so weak right now that they almost have to go with Pryor until he falters.
3. What is the ceiling on this team? Many experts have pegged the Raiders as the worst in the NFL. Is that the truth, or can the they surprise some team? What are the strengths and weaknesses?
It’s hard to put a ceiling on the Raiders because we really have no idea how they’re going to perform. Their roster is almost comparable to an expansion team, with so many new faces and inexperienced players being pushed into starting roles. The notion that they are the worst team in the NFL is certainly not a stretch, looking at the roster. There have holes all over the place on offense and defense. Their one bright spot that could keep fans around and intrigued this season would be Terrelle Pryor, because if he flashes some potential, it could make people forget about the rest of the team’s struggles.
4. Can Darren McFadden stay healthy? He has shown flashes of being a top running back, but he’s spent 13 games on the sideline. Do the Raiders have solid options at back up if (when) he gets hurt?
For the Raiders to have success this season, McFadden must stay healthy. He is one of their few players with star potential, and has shown that he can be a great running back in the league. But injuries have been a concern, and if he goes down again, the Raiders will have to turn to Rashad Jennings to be their featured back. Needless to say, the Raiders do not want Rashad Jennings to be their featured back.
5. What will it take for the Raiders to beat the Colts on Sunday?
Lots of luck on their side, and hope that Luck doesn’t show up on the other side (no pun intended).
We’ll have a preview up for the Colts-Raiders game in the near future, so make sure you check back with us.
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