Oct 13, 2012; Bloomington, IN, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes running back Carlos Hyde (34) scores a touchdown against the Indiana Hoosiers during the 2nd half at Memorial Stadium. Ohio State defeated Indiana 52-49. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Hoosiers in a Must Win Game

Tomorrow, the Indiana Hoosiers face No. 3 Ohio State. Yes, THE Ohio State, if you want to listen to all those annoying fans who can’t seem to remember how to spell the name of their state unless they’re in a large group.

Ohio State has won 22 straight games dating back to last year. A postseason ban due to Terrelle Pryor’s tattoo addiction kept the Buckeyes from the Big Ten Championship last year and from competing in the BCS Championship last season.

Now sitting at No. 3, the Buckeyes desperately need No. 1 Alabama or No. 2 Florida State to lose a game so they can compete for (and likely lose) another title. Coach Urban Meyer has started railing against the BCS, calling it a “flawed system.” Right, the same system that made your career and led you to two championships while at Florida.

I happen to agree with him that the BCS is utter bull. There should be a tournament, like every other sport, and it should be more than the four team plan for next season (which is a baby step in the right direction).

Unfortunately for OSU, kicking the hell out of IU won’t jump them over FSU or Bama.

The Buckeyes are favored by 35 points and are going to score as many points as Meyer wants to. There is simply no way the Hoosiers will be able to stop them. IU has the 115th ranked scoring defense and the second worst BCS defense in yards allowed.

Yet defensive coordinator Doug Mallory still has a job, somehow. What’s more, he makes $300,000 a year to do his job. If I was performing at a similar rate, I’d be fired in a week.

Offensively, the Hoosiers have struggled recently. They managed just three points against Wisconsin. Three. A number so small that I have to spell it out rather than use the numerical equivalent per AP guidelines.

And this is from the second best offense in the Big Ten. Want to wager a guess as to who has the best offense? That’s right, Ohio State.

The Buckeyes are averaging 49 points per game. The last three weeks, they’ve scored a combined 179 points. They have a better rushing offense than Wisconsin, and average 315 yards per game on the ground. Running back Carlos Hyde is a beast and averages nearly eight yards per carry. He will probably bump that number up close to 10 by halftime.

Defensively, the Buckeyes have the fourth best scoring D in the Big Ten and give up just under 19 points per game. They lead the conference in sacks with 32, have 13 interceptions, and have seven fumble recoveries. OSU is +10 in turnover margin.

IU hasn’t beaten Ohio State since 1988, and Saturday is likely no exception. This is a must win game for the Hoosiers if they want to go to a bowl game. At the same time, its a must win for the Buckeyes if they want an outside shot at the BCS Championship.


IU won’t be able to stop the Buckeyes offense, which will set a new low for the IU defense. Mallory will be allowed back on the team bus and keep his job for another week. Why? I have no idea.

Meyer will let his team put up 60 points before he starts telling Kevin Wilson what his plays will be, and IU still won’t be able to stop them.

Hyde will have over 250 yards rushing and at least three long runs where he goes untouched.

Tre Roberson will start, no, Nate Sudfeld, no Roberson, no Sudfeld. It won’t matter, neither player will be able to move the ball effectively.

Tevin Coleman will get over 1,000 yards rushing for the season, but will likely get hurt once again.

IU will make a furious rally late in the game, but it won’t matter. Ohio State wins 63-35.

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