Mar 30, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson (left) and center Roy Hibbert (55) react on the bench in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers Have No Answers

Another loss for the Indiana Pacers as now they’ve lost two straight after what seemed to be a turn in some direction after beating Miami. But even that win is very tarnished as the lead over Miami for the top spot in the Eastern Conference is just one game, and I can only imagine what kind of mindset the Pacers would be in if they happen to drop to the second spot.  All that talk of needing to grab the top spot and secure home court advantage.

Even though at this point, are you even guaranteeing a spot in the second round for the Pacers from what we’ve seen?  In a way, I saw the letdown happening in Washington after such a win.  The Pacers really put it all out there for Miami and even that wasn’t the best game we’ve seen out of this group.

But you had to believe that some urgency would be placed on bouncing back from the loss to the Wizards, who you can say are a better team from the last team the Pacers played them. To lose today to a Cleveland team that is a couple games out of the eighth spot in the East?  Like my title says, just no answers for that one.

The Pacers themselves have no answers for what seems like Groundhog’s Day.  The Pacers go on the road, get down early, can’t come back.  They can’t crack 80 points.  The defense has slipped.  Guys are hanging their heads.  With a team that you just know by their body language how a game is going, the body language is bad right now.

Even as I type this, I have no clue what’s brought on the funk that’s been around the Pacers. I’ve looked to that trade for Evan Turner, and thought that messed with the chemistry this team has had.  The guys all liked playing with Granger, and I understand the reason behind the trade. But that could have made a bigger impact than we realize.

It’s easy to say that Paul George and Roy Hibbert, the two All-Stars, aren’t playing at the All Star level. But what’s the reasoning behind that?  Maybe Paul George laid it out there early in the season and his legs are gone. His game is gone.

What about Roy Hibbert?  He just seems lost, and by this team last year, he was finding his game for that big playoff run he would have.  Now there’s just 8 games left to find any sort of groove.

It’s running out of time to even pick out what the problem is, time to just throw out some solutions and see what sticks.  That’s the only way to approach these last 8 games.  Even if you can pick up wins in those 8 games, I feel like something would start clicking.

It doesn’t get any easier tomorrow night against a San Antonio Spurs team that has rolled out 17 straight wins.  Don’t tell me they had forgot that the Pacers beat them at home early on, and finally snapped a losing streak there?  I can only imagine what tomorrow’s game will be like.

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