Apr 6, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel talks to referee Bill Kennedy (55) during the third quarter against the Atlanta Hawks at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Atlanta won 107-88. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers Set to Try Indianapolis Colts' Strategy

Desperate times call for desperate measures is how I would describe the latest attempt to fix whatever is going on with the Indiana Pacers.  At this point, it’s worthless to find the problem, now you just have to find a solution.  Maybe there is no solution, and this team will be out in the first round.

But this latest development of resting starters is just waving the white flag on the first seed in the Eastern Conference.  The Indiana Pacers just sit one game back of the Miami Heat, so you have to put out that effort come Friday night against the Heat.  You have to show that you’ve not given up on the one thing that you’ve harped about most of this season.  The one aspect of the season that isn’t lost.

If this rest works out for the team and they looked refreshed come playoff time, then it was worth it.  But even then, I am not feeling anywhere near as confident as I was at the beginning and even towards the All-Star break about this team. It’s been a huge black cloud just looming and no one has any solutions.

Fatigue is all around the NBA, and sure, teams like the Spurs have rested guys.  They have done it a couple of years, but, for this Pacers team, this just doesn’t seem like the solution.  You have to try something though since the mass benching of the starters didn’t work in Sunday’s loss.  Roy Hibbert has something up as he was singled out on Sunday.  He called out a few players as well, and that just doesn’t seem like him.

The chemistry has been called into question, but I took to twitter to ask an Indiana Pacers insider about that, and this is how he answered.


You feel like this is a close knit group that’s been rolling together for the past few years and never put out that feeling of not getting along. But we don’t always know behind the scenes. Maybe the ego of each player finally reared it’s head. Roy Hibbert had stated he wanted defensive player of the year. Paul George was thrust into MVP talk. Lance Stephenson was pushed as an All-Star snub.

Maybe George Hill and David West got tired of all that talk. That’s really what this team has done a lot of, talking. Maybe they didn’t need to do that at the beginning and just go out and play.

Right now, none of that matters. It’s time to finally push aside everything and still put out that effort for the top seed. Don’t wave the white flag on that as I feel like the team is doing.

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