Apr 11, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) walks back to the bench as Miami Heat guard Toney Douglas (0) scores during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 98-86. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Hibbert Gone AWOL

In tonight’s game, I had one less rebound than Roy Hibbert just to put his game in perspective. Now he did get a couple of baskets, so he wasn’t COMPLETELY gone, but let’s face it, Hibbert is gone. I’m the biggest Roy Hibbert guy, and I can’t even defend how far he’s fallen over the past couple of months.

No one can put their finger on what’s gone wrong with Hibbert. Maybe there’s an injury. Something behind the scenes that no one knows. But something is off, and I think there could have been more behind Hibbert being the only one really singled out by his benching in that game against Atlanta.

Throw in the fact that Hibbert gives out that line about selfish dudes, and there’s something more to this story. But it’s time for the story to find it’s turning point because Hibbert can be such an edge for the Pacers.

Look at how well he played in the playoffs last season. Look at how much of a factor he is against the Miami Heat as they don’t have the size to contend with him. That’s where he needs to find himself.

If he’s upset about something, time to let it go. Time to get his head straight as I know he’s one of the most emotional guys on this team. You want to know how a guy is playing and Hibbert is so strong with just his body language.

I thought last season we were done with him showing that tell, but it’s still there. Like most were stating against the Hawks, he looked very disinterested. That’s where you have to believe something more is happening with Hibbert. Only a couple of games left to get anything going, unless he can just flip a switch and put it in playoff mode.

Mark Boyle on the Indiana Pacers’ broadcast said it best tonight, if Hibbert’s not right, there won’t be any meetings in South Beach with the Heat. I believe that as well. Hibbert needs to man up and find his game or some semblance of it soon.

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