May 26, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Paul George (24) drives to the basket against the Miami Heat in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Pacers Rebound in Game 5?

The Indiana Pacers are coming off of a very disappointing 12-point loss in Game 4, but the series is not over just yet. Indiana has shown the ability to battle back with their backs against the walls in each of the first two playoff series’ this year, and they have another chance to do just that. With the series standing at 3-1 in favor of the Miami Heat, the Pacers will have to win three straight games in order to move on to the NBA Finals.

So the question now becomes, can the Pacers rebound in Game 5 and make this a series once again?

It’s going to be very difficult now that the Heat have the taste of blood in their mouths, but it is very possible. The Pacers showed that they are more than capable of playing at a higher level than the Heat in Game 1, and they have shown flashes of that in the last couple games as well. That being said, their issues is that they are unable to play at a high level like that throughout an entire game.

Paul George and Lance Stephenson are going to need to take control of this game for Indiana tonight and force a Game 6 in Miami. David West will need to play the leadership role that he has played all season long, but he will have to keep his team focused and disciplined all game long. Roy Hibbert will need to do more than score zero points, even if that means that he works extra hard on the offensive glass because Frank Vogel’s gameplan doesn’t fit him well. George Hill is going to need to pass the basketball and get Indiana into their offense much quicker, and take care of the basketball to avoid letting Miami get easy transition buckets. The bench will have to come into the game and either extend the lead or at the very least keep the lead for the starters.

There are a lot of question marks about whether or not the Pacers can hang with the Heat, and we will learn a lot about this Indiana basketball team tonight. Will they fold under the pressure and disappointment of the series? Or will they realize that the series is not over yet, and that they can easily get right back into the series and force the Game 7 that they have been talking about all season long with just two wins. It will be a very interesting game tonight, but don’t expect the Pacers to lay down and roll over for the Heat.

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  • lil-bang

    Stephenson is going to take over this game alright, haha. He will see it as his last opportunity to make a case for his payday this offseason. He will play his one on one ball and get embarrased by Lebron again, instead of seeing the mismatch. Stephenson you have done more than enough if you have got enough attention to where Lebron has to guard you…now give the ball up to another teammate instead of trying to take on the best player in the league by yourself.
    Everyone has been harping on Roy, but he has been dead on both of his comments he has made to the press about his team. Should you do that, usually not.
    1. His teammates have been selfish. It starts with Lance. He goes into one on one mode (even when Lebron is guarding him). Dribbles the ball to death and runs the clock down to where no good shot will come out of it. So you just hope he is on fire to make up for it, but even if he is it has put the rest of the offense out of rythm. Then he hardly hustles back on defense or finds his man (Jared Wade pointed out 3 times where Allen got open for 3 in game 3-but everyone blamed it on Vogel for having West on him)
    Once Stephenson goes rogue PG starts wondering why he isnt getting the ball and when he does he starts firing up Kobe fadaways left and right instead of attacking the basket.
    2. Game plan…Pacers won game 1 big, because they destroyed Miami down low and didnt do stupid passes. They have completely gone away from that and haven’t won a game since. You beat small teams by beating them up downlow. Outside shots will stop falling in(see Atlanta series). Vogel either needs to jump 2 feet in with the ‘small’ rotation instead of just dipping his toe in or refocus on beating up Miami downlow.
    3. Hibbert is right on his comments, however you shouldnt say anything unless you aren’t making any mistakes yourself. Missing uncontested layups(instead of dunking) and firing up poor shots because no one is getting you the ball or when they do it isn’t where they are suppose to doesn’t help. I have a feeling he is coming out to the press because he has been the main player being targeted by the media and feels he is getting all the blame, when really no one should be pointing any fingers at anyone in that organization…starting with Bird.