Dec 29, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Colts linebacker Robert Mathis(98) is introduced before the Jacksonville Jaguars game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Blueprint for Robert Mathis' Suspension

Robert Mathis will begin his four-game suspension at four o’clock on Saturday. During that time, Mathis will not be allowed to be at any Colts facilities or have any contact with anyone involved with the team. Mathis and Chuck Pagano have already talked about a plan for Mathis to follow during the time he is away from the Colts.

“Ever since the suspension came down, we’ve been talking about and planning what he was going to do in that four-week period. It’s different when a guy can be in the facility for a suspension – we’ve been down that road and you at least see them every day and they can do everything in the building except practice – his case is a heck of a lot different,” Pagano explained.

Pagano followed with, “He’s going to have a routine. He’s going to have a regiment as far as working out, weight room wise, conditioning wise. He’s got to continue to hone and develop his skill set. There’s people out there that will work with Robert. He can go out and hire whoever he has to hire. He’s got a regiment from his position coach, from a drills standpoint. We can’t have him come back in Week 5 for Baltimore and we’re starting from scratch. He’s got a great plan. I know and everybody else in this building knows Robert will stick to that plan.”

Pagano explained that Mathis will be ready to play against the Ravens. “He doesn’t have a choice. He knows that. And we don’t even have to tell him that. I kid around, but he’s the one that made that decision. He’s gonna have something to prove, something to give back to those guys. I’m not worried at all about how he’ll be once he returns.”

Pagano went on to joke about what Mathis will be called for once he gets back on the field. “That will be the huddle call, the first third down against the Ravens. So you go tell him that. It’s gonna be ‘sic ‘em.”

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