Paul George Changing Jersey Number from 24 to 13

Apr 11, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Paul George (24) takes a breather during the second half against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 98-86. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers’ season completely changed when Paul George broke his leg during Team USA’s scrimmage game on August 1st, and they are going to be without their star for the entire 2014-15 season. While most of the news surrounding George has been sad and depressing for Pacers fans, there is a report that came out earlier today from ESPN that was positive. According to ESPN, George is changing his jersey number from 24 to 13 whenever he steps back on the court.

There have been quite a few rumors surrounding George switching his number, but unfortunately fans won’t be able to see him in it anytime soon. He will now have the nickname of “PG-13” which will simply make him even more popular among fans. It’s going to be very different not seeing George in the number 24 jersey.

It’s going to be a very long season for the Pacers this season without their star. George has very adamant that he is going to come back stronger than ever and get back to being the face of the Pacers’ franchise, but until then, the franchise is in complete confusion. They have been very active in trade talks, but nothing that they can acquire is going to give them the type of production that George would have this season.

All of that being said, this is at least a piece of news about George that isn’t about his leg injury. The number change will be a very nice change of pace for George, and the new nickname is going to be a pretty nice touch as well. Too bad George won’t be stepping on the floor this season for the Pacers, and will have to wait until next year to see him in his new jersey.

As part of changing his number, George will have to buy up the remainder number 24 jersey’s that the NBA has left in their shop. Once he does that, he will be allowed to begin turning out number 13 jerseys.

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