Colts vs Titans: Keys to the Game Preview

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Final thoughts for the Colts vs Titans ahead of kickoff… This IS a must-win game.

Once again, the Colts offensive line will have to step up if the Colts are to win this game. They have yet to achieve this, but perhaps the third time will be the charm. Since training camp Lance Louis and Todd Herremans have been the starting guards on offense. No changes were made to the rotation previously for the sake of continuity. Considering Einstein’s definition of insanity, expecting different results by doing the same thing will not help the Colts.

As I said in ‘The Aftermath’ of the Jets game, Herremans was terrible last week. He even tried boxing out defensive linemen like a rebounder.”His PFF grade for the night did hit double digits. Too bad it was negative, a -10.9. He was actually worse than Lance Louis who scored a -3.9. Yet, they remain as starters for the sake of continuity. I will gladly start the petition for Joe Reitz to start if no one else beats me to it.”

Indianapolis Star’s Stephen Holder has hinted that there may be a change to the starting unit for the offensive line. Let’s hope that this means Reitz starts at right tackle and Mewhort goes back to left guard. The duo of Mewhort and Anthony Castonzo was one of the most successful LT/LG combinations in football in 2014.

Donte Moncrief has been as much of a ray of hope at wide receiver as Andre Johnson has been disappointing. Moncrief has made a huge leap in his route running in his second year and is leading the Colts in receptions and touchdowns. In two games, Moncrief has 13 catches for 168 yards and two touchdowns. He is my honorable mention for matchups because he likely will face a smaller Perrish Cox whose aggressiveness on throws could create an opportunity for Moncrief to burn him for yards after the catch.

To sum it up, the Colts need to continue to #FeedMoncrief and pick apart the Titans secondary with Hilton and Fleener as well. Feeding Frank Gore the ball on short yardage is advised against a suspect Titans run defense. If they cannot achieve this, a 0-3 record looms.

There is practically no chance of making the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl run if the Colts fall to 0-3. This game is a must win for Indianapolis.

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