Chris Holtmann Takes Over Butler’s Team Twitter Account


Chris Holtmann, the second-year head coach of Butler men’s basketball team took over the team’s Twitter account and answered questions from fans.

Holtmann’s Twitter takeover was to commemorate the start of the Butler Bulldogs‘ 2015-2016 season, which began on Tuesday, with their first official practice. The questions ranged from the practical…

…to the comical.

The Q&A session even featured an appearance by former Bulldog Erik Fromm.

While many of the questions fielded by Holtmann dealt more with the big-picture aspects of coaching, a few specific to this year’s team elicited interesting responses.

The most intriguing question concerned 6-foot-8-inch sophomore forward Jackson Davis and his potential to land a coveted spot in the starting lineup.

Here’s Holtmann’s response…

What can we learn from this? Well, to decipher “coach speak,” I can tell you it appears less than likely Davis is named a starter – at least in the first few games of the season.

By “continue to learn our system,” it looks as though Davis might not be exactly where Holtmann anticipated at the start of official practice.

Now, whether that be in his skills development, knowledge of the playbook and in-game schemes, or physical preparedness, is uncertain. Although, to crack the starting lineup on a roster this deep is a tough task, and it’s entirely possible Holtmann’s tweet speaks more to the strength of the veterans than to any deficiencies Davis might have.

Holtmann also gave his thoughts on the players’ off-season progression.

From everything he’s said up to this point, Holtmann seems thrilled with 5-foot-11-inch NC State transfer Tyler Lewis. And why shouldn’t he be? Lewis is perhaps the purest and most skilled point guard Butler has seen in years and is a sure-fire, season-long starter.

In a great article in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, sports writer Tom Davis compared Lewis to Butler’s favorite walk-on-turned-starter, Alex Barlow.

But Holtmann recognizes there are stark differences between the two players as well.

"“Tyler is very gifted offensively,” he told the News-Sentinel. “He’s going to add a dimension that we haven’t seen because that wasn’t necessarily Alex’s strength.”"

Based on Holtmann’s remarks – and tweets– all signs point to an exciting (and hopefully win-filled) season for the Bulldogs.

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