Colts vs Patriots: Keys to Achieving the Impossible

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Sep 21, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback

Andrew Luck

(12) throws a pass against the New York Jets at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the night the NFL and the national media have built-up since January. From one viewpoint, it’s the night when Tom Brady gets revenge. Or is it? After all, why is Tom Brady the one who is mad? He got caught cheating, lied about it, and got off scot-free. Tonight is supposed to be the night that Andrew Luck finally elevates his game to exorcise his demons.

Either way you look at it, the primetime matchup tonight on Sunday Night Football is going to be the game to watch.

In his fourth year, This is the year that Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck takes the next step. Instead, he struggled behind a terrible offensive line to start the season and hurt his shoulder. The shoulder injury has kept him off the field for the last two games. As of this posting, Luck is still tagged as questionable for tonight’s game.

All signs point to him starting tonight, but then again some believe Luck should sit this one out, including Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin.

"“If I’m Indy, I’m goin to seriously consider, right here, making sure I sit and not play Andrew Luck and leave (Matt) Hasselbeck in right now, ” Irvin said on NFL Thursday Night Kickoff. “First of all, Hasselbeck just won two games and I want to give us an opportunity where (if) we meet again, we have chance. “When they beat this team down Sunday — and they will beat this team down Sunday — it was with Hasselbeck. So in the playoffs, I can always have in my pocket, ‘We were not at full strength. The kids were not healthy. We were not at full strength, and now we have (Luck).'”"

Not start Andrew Luck if he’s healthy? Let Matt Hasselbeck take the supposedly guaranteed beatdown? Well, that’s an interesting way to look at it, but let’s get realistic. The Patriots can be as mad as they want, If I’m Indy, I let a rested Andrew Luck off his leash. If that is not possible and they go with Hasselbeck the gameplan should not change. But my bet is we see Luck under center tonight. Why? Because he’s the one who should be angry and determined. We’ve all seen Andrew Luck’s good-guy side, so it is hard to imagine him mad. But he should be and better be if he wants to finally get his team over the hump.

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Think of it like this, since Andrew Luck entered the league, one team has harassed and embarrassed him more than any other. One team has been the stick in his craw. Andrew Luck is 0-4 (including the playoffs) against the Patriots since his rookie season. They have lost a combined 189-73. The Colts have yet to score more than 24 points against New England while they have yet to score less than 42.

With those performances, if anyone should be angry should it be the defending super bowl champion who is undefeated during that stretch against the Colts? Or, should it be Andrew Luck who has yet to taste victory against a bitter rival? With a fresh, angry and determined Andrew Luck, the Colts can beat the Patriots despite popular belief. It is possible. After all, that’s why they play the game. Right?

The national opinion believes that the Patriots will undoubtedly win by a landslide. So the focus here will be on the matchups that the Colts need to win if they want to knock off the Patriots.

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