Pacers almost nowhere to be found on NBA GM Survey


The annual NBA GM survey results were released today, and the Indiana Pacers were mentioned very few times with star Paul George winning no votes.

Some bulletin board material of sorts was released today when the NBA tweeted out the results of their annual GM survey, very little of which included the Indiana Pacers. Assistant coaches Dan Burke and Nate McMillan received votes for some of the best assistants in the league, and Frank Vogel received votes for the best defensive scheme in the league, but ultimately the Pacers won no categories, nor did the staff or players. So, taking a look at where they placed in various categories:

One of the lone bright spots for the Blue & Gold in the survey came in this question: which team will be the most improved in 2015/16? Indiana is placed fifth, but there’s a case that they could go above the Heat at the least. It would be tough to get votes over Alvin Gentry’s New Orleans, the Bucks with Jabari Parker back, or the Thunder with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both (currently) healthy, but it’s a start.

For the most part, Indiana received votes on their selection of rookie Myles Turner.

Again, hard to argue that Justise Winslow isn’t the steal of the draft for where the Heat were able to select him, and Bobby Portis and Emmanuel Mudiay were also steals by their respective teams, but Turner remains one of the most talked about prospects in the league and for good reason.

Fair, it’s ambitious to say that Turner will win Rookie of the Year over Jahlil Okafor or Karl-Anthony Towns, as well as Mudiay or the Lakers selection of D’Angelo Russell. However, putting him in the company of those four names is always a good sign.

Finally, again though tough to predict, Turner is in some great company with Towns, Mudiay, Okafor, and Russell. Kristaps Porzingis is a special case and will be almost as interesting to watch develop, but for now Myles Turner is a dark horse in nearly every category.

The one thing missing here, of course, is the lack of Paul George. He received no votes for any of the categories polled on and remains unsold on by many in the league. Bulletin board material, indeed.

See the results of the entire GM survey here, and the Pacers are back in action this evening against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

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