Colts: Putrescent Offense Spells Certain Doom for Pagano

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Sadly, it will be the defensive minded coach that takes the fall for the Colts season long offensive meltdown. Chuck Pagano is already all but gone already at this point.

It was reported on Tuesday Jason Cole of Bleacher report, that the Colts have been openly discussing of when to fire Pagano. Speculation is that this would most likely happen during the bye week. Yet, it is Hamilton that is putting the Colts in such poor situations. It is Hamilton’s opening game plan that flounders nearly every game and forces the defense to spend most of the time on the field.

What makes it worse is the fact that Pagano cannot even fire Hamilton. Pep is General Manager Ryan Grigson’s man. Pagano was not even allowed to pick his staff. Organizationally speaking, Grigson maintains too much control of the staff. Hamilton was handpicked by Grigson to replace Arians and since there have been reported feuds between Grigson and Pagano; it is Pagano who will be shown the door instead of Hamilton.

It was also reported earlier in the week, by the Indianapolis Star’s that there were heated discussions after the home loss to the Saints between Colts owner Jim Irsay and Ryan Grigson. What Irsay should do is demand changes be made at the offensive coordinator position first.

The Colts have another offensive-minded coach already on staff. Remember Rob Chudzinski? He was brought in to assist with the offense yet his name has been lost to us this season amongst all this chatter. If that doesn’t work, then fine, overhaul the entire coaching staff Mr. Irsay but do it in the offseason, not on the week 10 bye.

But remember Mr. Irsay, it was Grigson who set Pagano up to fail. He was the one who was comfortable with the offensive line as it was. He was the one who put it together and brought in players like Trent Cole and Andre Johnson. Those two, who look to be here to win a Super Bowl, but not play for one, were supposed to help turn things around, but are nearly nonexistent on the field. How much money was spent on them that could have been spent on upgrading positions of need?

In all reality, the actual blame lies at the feet of Hamilton and Grigson, but it will be Pagano who takes the fall. After all, wasn’t he the “lame duck coach” heading into the season?

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