Colts: The Search for a 3rd-String QB Continues


Perhaps the Colts should put out a “Now Hiring” post in the classifieds or a sign outside the building on West 56th Street saying “ISO a QB with no-strings attached”.

The Colts season now rests on the shoulders of veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck while Luck is out, but who will be his backup?

The Indianapolis Colts lost their franchise player for at least a month. And if the injury is as serious as reports say, then he could be lost for the entire season.

Luck’s lacerated kidney and abdominal tear means the Colts need another quarterback to backup their backup quarterback (Say that several times as fast as you can, I dare you). It was initially thought that the Colts could woo Jason Campbell out of retirement. It was suggested by Joseph Zucker of Bleacher Report.

Campbell hasn’t been the greatest prospect throughout his career as a starter (32-47 in 79 starts). Campbell has been a veteran presence throughout the league and he isn’t a threat to a locker room.

Campbell has a great reputation in the league as a second-string quarterback who will do his job if  a team needs him. I think the Colts fit that category.

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Along with that veteran presence, Campbell also played for offensive coordinator Rod Chudzinski while in Cleveland during the 2013 season.

If he indeed calls it a career and does not return, he will finish it with 16,771 yards, 87 touchdowns and 60 interceptions. He served as a full-time starter with the Washington Redskins from 2006-2009 and with the Oakland raiders in 2010.

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As the starter for the Oakland Raiders, Campbell went 11-7 from 2010 to 2011. In 2012, Campbell served as Jay Cutler‘s backup in Chicago and was a back up in Cincinnati to Andy Dalton last year before retiring.

Chuck and company NEED another quarterback, I just don’t know if Campbell wants to suit up again, especially when he probably knows that he’ll be released in 4-8 weeks. So who should the Colts sign to backup their backup until Luck is back?


It was confirmed that Campbell has rebuiffed the Colts. So the question remains who is the next man up? Is it Alex Tanney the practice squad quarterback? Is it one of the other QBs looking for work like Tim Tebow or Ryan Mallett?

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Hopefully whoever the Colts sign we do not see them on the field. If Hasselbeck goes down while Luck is out, then so goes the Colts season with him.