Colts: Why Their Signing of Charlie Whitehurst Makes Sense


The Colts have turned to Matt Hasselbeck to take the reins while Andrew Luck is out. To back him up, they claimed Clipboard Jesus, Charlie Whitehurst, from the Tennessee Titans waiver wire.

Charlie Whitehurst‘s signing this week was a bonus for the Indianapolis Colts. I know, I know, he’s Charlie Whitehurst, not Jason Campbell. Because everyone wanted Campbell, who once played under OC Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland, but Campbell wasn’t interested in a return this season. Look at it like this, at least Whitehurst was on an active roster this season and has been an understudy to Matt Hasselbeck before. Plus, Whitehurst has the ability to be mobile quarterback which fits the profile for the position.

Okay, Hasselbeck is 40, but if you watch his feet in the pocket he is very agile without having to run. Look back to the Texans game and you will see how many times his footwork saved him in the pocket. Whitehurst is made fo the same mold and was just released by their divisional foe, the Tennessee Titans.

Charlie Whitehurst was claimed off waivers from Tennessee who cut him despite their knowledge the Colts quarterback situation. They knew the Colts were looking for a 3rd string quarterback. Unquestionably, the Titans should’ve waited until after the Colts bye week, but whether that will even matter remains to be seen.

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For those of you unfamiliar with Clipboard Jesus, you must not have watched much of the Colts v. Titans games last season. Charlie Whitehurst started against Indianapolis twice last season. He started in place of injured quarterback

Jake Locker

on Weeks 4 and 17. In week four in Indianapolis, he went 12 of 23 for 177 yards with one touchdown and an interception. In week 17, he was 12 of 28 for 72 yards and a touchdown in Nashville.

One positive spin we can learn from this is the knowledge that he played better in Lucas Oil Stadium than he did in Tennessee last year. For a more comprehensive look into Whitehurst’s career, I compiled his career stats with thanks as always going to

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Obviously, the Colts do not want to have Whitehurst on the field anytime soon. Hopefully, he is only seen in mop-up duty with the Colts leading late in a game. However, he is a serviceable backup at 33-years old. Charlie Whitehurst has played in big game situations and can manage an offense. His 87.4 Passer Rating is impressive considering the Titans lackluster roster in 2014. Should he need to play, he can effectively run a no-huddle offense similar to what the Colts cooked up for Matt Hasselbeck in weeks four and five against fellow divisional foes Jacksonville and Houston.

It is that offense that I foresee being installed for Hasselbeck which was more than effective. During those two games – with Luck out nursing a shoulder injury – Hasselbeck played with food poisoning and had a 95 Passer Rating. In that five-day stretch, Hasselbeck combined for 48 of 76 for 495 yards and three touchdowns. He is 2-0 as a starter and the Cots are confident in Hasselbeck running the offense.

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With another five weeks or more until Andrew Luck returns, it will be good for Hasselbeck to have a backup he knows and can work with. The Colts will be without Luck for a while. So it’s an additional bonus for Hasselbeck. It must be a comfort for Hasselbeck knowing that despite all the football gods punishments this season – cough, Grigson’s fault, cough – that he can look to the sidelines to find Jesus has his back. Err, well… Clipboard Jesus, and that’s good enough for the Colts until their Luck returns.

One can’t help but wonder if Whitehurst will spill-the-beans and provide an in-depth scouting report to the Colts coaching staff. It wouldn’t be the first time a player has coughed up details about their former employer. The more I think of it the more I find it’s possible, but that would make Charlie Whitehurst less of the Jesus persona and more of an unethical shifty figure wouldn’t it? Some say… like this:

It’s more than the look and experience that makes Clipboard Jesus a unique personality for this team. It’s the light-hearted fun that can be found in the social reactions to the Charlie Whitehurst signing.

All joking aside, Charlie Whitehurst is a solid signing especially when you consider the short notice the Colts had to sign a third-string quarterback. At least, an extra week in the system can help him in case he needs to play. For now, let’s just hope Hasselbeck stays healthy while Luck is out and avoids any chicken burritos until the offseason. Sorry I couldn’t resist one more…

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