Indianapolis Colts: Ink On Indy’s Mid-Season Review

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Looking ahead, the Indianapolis Colts have seven regular season games remaining and we here at Ink on Indy believe it is no better time to present the mid-season roundtable review.

The Indianapolis Colts (4-5) entered their bye week coming off a critical win against the Denver Broncos. Then, just when everything seemed to be clicking, they received the bad news. Andrew Luck has a lacerated kidney and is out for up to four or five more weeks.

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Looking back at our previous roundtables – our NFL Playoff Picks and Predictions and Colts Camp Review – projected what we all thought we knew before the regular season started. Luckily, we did not grade ourselves on those predictions because nearly everyone was wrong about the Colts. We can, however, reference it as a benchmark to where the Colts were then and where they are now.

I asked a few members from the Ink on Indy staff members – Pierre Wilson, Andrew Turpen, and Mathew Muncy – to join me in reviewing the current state of the Colts ahead of their week 11 road game in Atlanta against the 6-3 Falcons. I asked our staff seven questions regarding the Colts season thus far.

There are some things we can go ahead and cross off the list here and now. At this point, the Colts still lead the AFC South by a tie-breaker over the Houston Texans. The Colts, unfortunately, will not go 13-3, as I previously predicted.

However, Indianapolis is still in contention as long as they can outpace the Texans and Jaguars in the coming weeks. Tennessee – at 2-8 – is not mathematically eliminated yet, but they currently trail the Colts by 2.5 games.

Luckily, the Colts still have three of their seven remaining games against AFC South opponents. Now, let’s take a look at the mid-season roundtable on the Indianapolis Colts current state of affairs.

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