Indianapolis Sports Snubbed in FanSided Fandom 250

FanSided released their Fandom 250 list Wednesday morning, ranking the 250 best fanbases in sports.

Indianapolis sports made zero appearances. Not Indianapolis Colts fans. Not Indiana Pacers fans. Not Indiana Hoosiers fans. In fact, the only team from Indiana to make an appearance on the list came from South Bend, as the Notre Dame faithful came in at #13, the #2 ranked college. Here is the entire list.

Why the disrespect for Indianapolis?

We are known to be fair-weather fans according to other fan bases I have asked. When things get ugly for our teams, attendance records are low, morale is pathetic, and the faithfulness dies. Remember when the Pacers were awful in the late 2000’s, and Bankers Life (then Conseco) Fieldhouse was half empty on almost an every game basis?

I am not saying there are no die hard, faithful super-fans with an unwavering faithfulness and loyalty, but there is not a lot of them. For Indianapolis sports fans to make it on this list, we need to be much more loyal to our teams.

It is unfair to the home team for attendance and morale to only be up when the team is performing well. It is so important to the team and fan base to continue their everlasting support even when the team is struggling. Having the unwavering pride for your team no matter how they are performing is what gets fan bases on this list.

Look at Cleveland Browns fans: they have endured seasons no football fans should ever endure. They went through two seasons with a combined ONE win, and they still pack the house in Cleveland. That faithfulness in the tough times makes winning so much sweeter, because you were there for the ups and the downs. That is what gets you on the FanSided Fandom 250.

Colts fans need to pack Lucas Oil Stadium every Sunday no matter how well the team is. 16-0, or 0-16, the faithfulness should never change. Same for the Pacers. Hoosier faithful should bring the same energy to IU games whether it is the final four of the NCAA tournament or the first round of the NIT.

That is what will get us in the FanSided Fandom 250.