Colts are Still Playing for Playoffs Despite Losing to Jaguars

Many people around the country do not expect the Indianapolis Colts to make the playoff this year since they suffered a division loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars a week ago. But do they still have a chance? They sure do! Also, the Colts still have a chance to win the division. It is a small chance, but it’s still a chance. So let’s break down the road to the playoffs.

Let’s start off with how the Colts could win the division. The answer is simple. If the Colts win out and the Houston Texans lose out, the Colts would take control of the division and make the playoffs as AFC South champs and host a home playoff game. That is the only way they could win the division. There is a very small chance that happens, though. The Colts have a very real chance to win out, as they have a bout with the Texans this week, as well as a home game against the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, then end the season at the Tennessee Titans.

Now, obviously, the Colts play the Texans this week but in week 15, Houston travels to New York to take on a struggling Jets team. They then travel to Philadelphia in week 16 and finish the season at home against the Jaguars.

Again, there is an extremely low chance this scenario plays out, but it is indeed possible.

Let’s take a look at the more realistic route.

The most likely way the Colts will make the playoffs is by beating out the Baltimore Ravens. The remaining Ravens schedule is as follows:

Week 14: @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 15: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 16: @ LA Chargers

Week 17: vs. Cleveland Browns

If the Colts win out and the Ravens lose 2 out of the 4, the Colts will be in possession of the last Wild Card spot. From what I can tell, it does not matter what the Dolphins and Titans do. Since the Colts beat both teams, if it came down to a tie, the Colts would win the tiebreaker.

The Indianapolis Colts may be down after being shut out by Jacksonville, but they are certainly not out.