Who Could the Indianapolis Colts Target in Free Agency?

The Indianapolis Colts are projected to have around $120 million in cap space to spend in 2019, according to Over The Cap. To have your franchise quarterback already locked up and still have that much cap space is absurd. The Colts are set to make a long run with their abundance of draft picks and insane amount of cash. So, what should Chris Ballard and the Colts do with all this money if all their key players are already signed?

The simple answer is to load up on free agents. The 2019 free agency class is chock full of talent. This is possibly the most loaded free agency class in terms of defensive talent in years. The Colts would be foolish not to make at least a couple key free agent signings this off season.

Here are a few players the Colts should consider signing in 2019:

Jadeveon Clowney, OLB

How huge would it be if the Colts were to steal Clowney from their division rival? Believe it or not, Clowney is only 26. Signing him to a long-term deal would be a great move for the Colts. What is the Colts’ biggest need right now? Pass rush. And Clowney is pretty good at that.

Demarcus Lawrence, DE

Sticking with the pass rush theme, Demarus Lawrence was one of the best pass rushers in the NFC the past couple years. Lawrence is young too, having just turned 27. If Clowney decides to stay home in Houston, Lawrence would be the next best option to sign to a long-term contract.

Ndamukong Suh, DT

Ndamukong Suh certainly is not a fan favorite – but good Lord, he is something. Suh is a brick wall on the interior defensive line, who not only specializes in stuffing the run – but also is a very efficient pass rusher. One problem with Suh would be his age. Although he is 32, he is rarely ever injured. Suh could be a big payoff on the defensive line.

Tyrann Mathieu, FS

The Colts do not necessarily have a huge need at safety, but any time you can sign a player of the caliber of the honey badger… you sign the honey badger. This would be another case of poaching a great player from your division rival, which is super fun.

Jason Verrett, CB

The Colts found some consistent cornerback play at the end of the season, but it was very up and down at the position, which severly lacked depth. Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir looked good, but with Desir’s impending unrestricted free agent status, the Colts may be looking to upgrade the position. Enter Verrett, who has played at a high level for the Los Angeles Chargers for the past few seasons. The only concern Verrett is the fact he is coming off a torn achilles that held him out all of last season.

The Colts may or may not make a splash in free agency. One thing is for sure – it is fun to speculate.