Colts: Chuck Pagano Delivers Emotional Post-Game Speech


Colts head coach Chuck Pagano gave an emotional and revealing post-game speech praising his team’s grit after a 35-33 victory over the Tennessee Titans.

Grit, resilience, fight, belief, Resolve, Faith, Family and Intestinal Fortitude, these are the things that can make the impossible become possible. These are the ideals that the culture of the Colts organization is built around. This is what makes the Colts special. The Colts were facing an 0-3 start after surrendering 27 straight points to the Titans.

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Pagano’s speech was very emotional and as telling for a man who is fighting for his job and believes in the process he and his staff have implemented.  Even more so, it shows the passion that Chuck Pagano coaches with and instills in his players. GM Ryan Grigson hired Pagano because he is a player’s coach. He still keeps a note on Pagano, stating “players will run through a wall for him.”

The Titans defense stonewalled the Colts for two quarters before heading into the 4th. Both the offense and Defense looked distraught, gassed or possibly a combination of both. Their first possession of the fourth quarter the Colts were pinned back on their own 2-yard line. Facing a 98-yard drive to cut the lead down to a one possession game, they ran straight through that wall. They saved themselves from an 0-3 start and quite possibly save their coach’s job. The proof is in Pagano’s words, his teary eyes and written on his face. Read the transcript from Pagano’s  post-game speech below or see it here:

"“I can’t tell ya how, damn proud,” Pagano said while his eyes began to tear up. “Every man and every coach in this room… Grit always wins.”“Because I guarantee you, when the [expletive deleted] hit the fan in that 3rd quarter, the only ones that believed, were in this room right now!” Pagano continued. “And because you believe, and you’ve got grit, and you’ve got resilience, and you’ve got fight. You dig your way out of something that nobody thought you could dig yourself out of.”“And I’m telling you this is bigger than a football game. This is about life! And learning lessons about life… That you can do anything that you want to do.”“Anything!”“You have faith, you have family, and you have belief in one another. And you have grit. You have intestinal fortitude. You’ve got resolve.”“You’ve got it, kid.”“Everyone of you [guys] has got it,” Pagano said as he looked around the room. “Big time! That’s as a big of a win that I’ve ever been a part of in my life. I will cherish that one for the rest of my life. I can guarantee you that. Why we do this, it’s for moments, just like this. Moments just like this.”"

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