Indianapolis Colts: Ink On Indy’s Mid-Season Review

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Nov 2, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks Andrew Luck (12) and Matt Hasselbeck (8) come on to the field before the game at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Will Matt Hasselbeck be able to guide the Colts to the Playoffs while Luck is out?

Matt Hasselbeck has already led the Colts to two wins earlier in the season and did so with a 95 QB rating and no turnovers. Hasselbeck can manage the game and as long as new OC Rob Chudzinski keeps the 40-year-old veteran in winnable situations the Colts can easily do to others what they did to Jacksonville and Houston in weeks 4 and 5.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Matt Hasselbeck got those two wins in a five-day stretch while battling food poisoning. So I am confident that as long as his teammates keep him away from questionable burritos that he can easily lead this team to the playoffs.

Pierre Wilson:

Yes. I think the schedule is soft enough, the defense is solid enough, and Hasselbeck is a great game manager. Doesn’t force things, and just takes what the defense gives him. That’s good enough for the AFC South division.

Mathew Muncy:

Hasselbeck could easily be a start for several teams in the NFL, so I think he can win 3-4 games with Luck sidelined. 7-9 or 8-8 will win the division and with a competent backup quarterback under center, the Colts can easily get there.

Andrew Turpen:

I believe so, yes. It won’t be an easy road, and Frank Gore will have to step up, but Matt has the experience to make it happen. 

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