Indianapolis Colts: Ink On Indy’s Mid-Season Review

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What Colts player has been the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise for the Colts this season has to be the second-year leap in production from Donte Moncrief. Though his numbers have dwindles slightly in the past few weeks, he has easily locked in the #2 receiver spot behind T.Y. Hilton.

He has gained more attention from defenses now which caused the dip in his numbers, but if you look at his body of work and his chemistry with Hasselbeck – who helped develop him last season – Moncrief could rally with much stronger numbers in the second half of the season.

Pierre Wilson:

Frank Gore. I mean think about it, the offensive line is still terrible, and Andrew Luck has been worse this year. It could still be the Trent Richardson effect wearing off, but Gore has been really solid in my eyes, other than a couple fumbling issues here or there.

Mathew Muncy:

Has to be the rookie defensive end, Henry Anderson. The Stanford product has been a force on the line and a big reason this defense has been a good as it has at times. Sadly, Anderson tore his ACL against Denver and his season is over. That’s going to be a big loss for this Colts defense.

Andrew Turpen:

Henry Anderson has been fantastic this season, can’t wait to get him back on the field next year.

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