Indianapolis Colts: Ink On Indy’s Mid-Season Review

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Oct 8, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson (81) after a game against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What Colts player has been the biggest disappointment?

Let’s keep this one simple. Trent Cole, Andre Johnson, or Todd Herremans, take your  pick. All three came in as veterans “who were looking to win a super bowl” and they have contributed next to nothing.

Johnson’s biggest game was against his former team and likes to talk in interviews in the past tense as if he’s already one foot into retirement. He’s here to win a super bowl not play for one.

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The same can be said of Herremans who was benched earlier in the year at times. I remember one play that stands out most. Against Tennessee when Luck hurt his shoulder (and ribs?) that Herremans was so badly beaten off the ball that he was literally turned around and trying to box out the defensive tackle like he was playing a pickup game on the asphalt and trying to get a rebound.

Trent Cole, as I said before, has yet to get a sack and that is the singular reason he is on the team. My word choice is intentional because singular can also be defined as odd. It is truly odd that Trent Cole was another failed Eagles signing like Herremans.

Thinking of it now, perhaps I should have said “who” and not “what player” when asking this question. Because the three names I listed above are making just over $16 million in combined salary this season. So in all actuality you can choose one of those three or default to blaming Grigson for wasting so much money on them.

Pierre Wilson:

It would be easy to say Andrew Luck, but I’ll go with the other player from “The U” Andre Johnson. Johnson was really brought in to replace a Colts legend in Reggie Wayne. I don’t get paying 3 years and 21 million for Johnson when you could have brought a healthy Wayne back for 1 more year, at a cheaper cost, and still given Donte Moncrief the 2nd wide receiver spot. If not that, then go out a draft a WR in the 1st round that can….oh wait, never mind. That hasn’t worked out so well either.

Mathew Muncy:

Andrew Luck. While you have to factor in whatever injuries he may or may not have, he’s made a lot of horrible passing decisions this year that have really hurt the Colts. I think he’s been trying to do everything himself, but that’s caused him to throw 12 interceptions and only 15 touchdowns. This Colts team goes as far as Luck can take them and when he returns from injury he will need to focus on making better reads and making fewer mistakes if this Colts team wants to make it past the Wild Card game.

Andrew Turpen:

Andrew Luck. All in all, if Andrew had started the year playing at a high level, I don’t think we’d be wondering about the Colts in the postseason. 

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